Fundraising Poker Events

At Poker Vision, we put the ‘fun’ into fundraising.

Want to raise money for your chosen charity?

Want people to feel good about giving?

Want to raise awareness for your cause and make it easy and enjoyable for people to donate funds?

Then you are at the right place! One of the major challenges with fundraising events can often be making sure enough people attend. How do you conjure the interest, rekindle enthusiasm and even expand your charity’s donor base? A charity poker or casino event with Poker Vision is absolutely ideal on every count!

We can stage and structure an event that is pretty much guaranteed to give your charity or cause a valuable fundraising injection.

We have found that a structure that works is as follows: people pay a certain amount of money for a fixed number of chips, and – during a strict period of time – people are allowed to buy more chips if they run out or go below a certain level.  So, each time a player busts out of the game during this period, they are given the option to buy more chips and you get an additional amount of money added to your cause when they do. (For fundraising events, we will brief our dealers to encourage people to rebuy as much as possible if you wish – everything helps).

How much will you raise?

Based on our experience, we can give you a rough estimate of how much you could expect to raise based on the number of people, the entry fee (if any), and how much it costs for chips – minus the prizes on offer for the winners. We are happy to advise and discuss this, along with any other element of your fundraising event over the phone – simply get in touch.

Why do charity poker events with Poker Vision work so well?

We have found that our charity fundraising events are not only excellent fun, but they’re incredibly effective, which is something we’re incredibly proud to be a part of.

They’re effective as they are a fun, memorable and exciting way for your donors to give extra cash.

Our fun casino tables are also a great way to raise money for any occasion.

For more information about venues, prizes, branded equipment and for a look at our sample packages – please see our Further Information page.

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