Poker Masterclass

Whatever level of player you are we can help you to further your game play, whether at the tables or on-line.

Our professional dealers and instructors are not only passionate and knowledgeable about poker, but they are also fun to be around.

Poker Vision can run a number of different poker masterclasses to help you and your friends improve your game.  Take a look at some of our sample packages below.  If you have something else in mind, get in contact with us here and we’d be happy to discuss options.


  • Basic Rules – Hand Strength – Betting – Blinds
  • Your hand versus the board
  • Tight play
  • Why playing a short-stack makes life easier?
  • The big picture, small hands small pot, big hands big pots, and playing active poker.
  • Beating beginners
  • Basic introduction to odds
  • Basic bluffing concepts
  • Semi-bluffing
  • Value Betting


  • Explicit Odd
  • Implied Odds
  • Discounting Outs
  • General considerations on C-betting
  • Simple formulas for equity calculations at the table
  • Fundamental poker: having a reason for an action
  • Bluff workshop, with hands from HighStakes poker. Season 6 Ep 3, bad bluff by Gus Hansen + other examples
  • Floating: HSP Season 6 Ep 1, Tom Dwan versus Ivey


  • Revisiting reasons for betting
  • Range Reading
  • Your playing style and strong hands: think balance.
  • Multiple-streets adaptation: example of fighting a loose preflop opener on the flop.
  • Preflop adaptation – attacking blinds – Nanonoko style
  • Preflop adaptation – 3 betting light
  • Preflop adaptation – 4 betting light
  • Playing in 3-bet pots
  • Advanced C-betting, using polarized range
  • Check-Fold Equity
  • Balancing range, the example of the out-of position flush draw.
  • Fighting the polarized C-bettor
  • Multiple streets plan, the example of AK on Q44 flop.

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